We understand that your pooch is precious. Dogs give us so much joy, and we know that in return, they deserve to be fit, happy and healthy! So, our motto isn’t to ‘pay it forward’ to your pooches. Instead, we ‘paw it forward’.

Happy Tails are dog lovers who adore your pet as much as you do, aiming to keep them moving, stimulated and bursting with joy! We aim to provide your furry friend with a thorough walk and playful exercise with other friendly four-legged friends, and our goal is to ensure they are not only satisfied, but also tired and relaxed when they greet you. We are highly experienced, we offer a professional, honest service, and we always maximise our time with your furry friend.  We use a modern, air-conditioned van for optimum comfort and safety, and we drive carefully to protect our precious canine cargo. 

Sure, we comply with all NSW guidelines under the Animal Companions Act and have full public liability insurance, but we also go out of our way to respect the community, the environment and every animal. We undertake pet First Aid, use only certified off-leash parks, clean up after our furry friends and do what we can to reduce our carbon pawprint.  

We really love dogs, and we love what we do!

Pack Leader

When Rebecca was little, her favourite thing in the whole wide world was her dog, called Whiskey. While she was at school, at any given opportunity, she drew dogs.  And more dogs! When her art teacher politely asked her to stop, she made paper mache dogs instead. After climbing the corporate ladder (with a lot of time in meetings spent secretly drawing dogs) the natural progression for Rebecca was dog walking. Rebecca’s the pack leader, and she simply loves getting up in the morning to care for your four-legged furry friends. She’s genuinely committed to keeping your canines happy and exercised, and she says she’s the luckiest person in the world to do what she does everyday. After all, her bosses greet her with wagging tails, lick her face and do the happiest of happy dances!




Our furry friends are safely (and comfortably) transported in a modern, fuel-efficient diesel van. We plan our pick-ups to minimise drive time—and buy carbon credits to offset the time we do spend on the road with greenfleet.com.au

Happy Tails uses only biodegradable waste bags. We also work with worthy pet causes to give back to the community and encourage you to donate too maggiesrescue.org, doggierescue.comnokillpetrescue.com