Q. Do you walk rain, hail or shine?
A. Yep. The only (rare) exception is where conditions might put pooches at risk, such as during an electrical storm or heat wave.

Q. Can I join you on a walk?
A. Sorry, no. Your pet is our priority—when we’re on a walk, we give the dogs our full attention and keep them moving. So if you see us at the park, please don't be offended if we say ‘hi’ and continue on our walk.

Q. Why didn’t you take my phone call?
A. Odds are we’re on a walk or picking up and dropping off the dogs —so our attention is completely on the animals. We’re mindful of the dogs’ safety when walking and driving. Just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q. Do you walk adult non-desexed dogs?
A. No. Once your furry friend is six months old we recommend they are de-sexed. We are happy to walk your puppy prior to them being de-sexed at six months old.

Q. I don’t suppose you’ll give me a discount?
A. Happy Tails doesn’t discount our services because we never cut corners on our services. This also allows us the freedom and flexibility to work with worthy pet causes doggierescue.comnokillpetrescue.com and maggiesrescue.org to help them deliver services to those who need it. We hope you understand.

Q. Will my dog come back clean?
A. Hopefully, but we let dogs be dogs. While we don’t aim to get them dirty, we encourage our dogs to have fun and be active. They’re dogs, so grass, water and mud are all part of the experience. It means they’ve had a good time—and although we aren’t a grooming service, we can recommend some good ones. facebook.com/planetpoochrandwick and pawsabout.com.au

Q. I'd like you to walk my dog, how do I get started? 

A. Contact Happy Tails and we can have a chat about your dog, you will need to fill out our client questionnaire & client services agreement. We will meet you at your house & assess your dog for suitability.  We take all our furry friends on three trial walks to ensure they are well suited. 

Q. What kind of dogs do you walk? 

A. We only walk friendly, socialised dogs.  As much as we love them we don't take certain breeds such as, Staffie's, Pitt Bull's, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepards, Alsatians, Basenji's & some other breeds on our group walks.